Capitalize on Every Opportunity

Capitalize on every opportunity

Can you imagine the eight month of the year is in the books and we have 4 months left in 2019. 

As we have wrapped up 8 months already this year, I want to encourage you to take some time to "Reflect" on your personal finance journey so far. 

- How far have I gone?

- What have I achieved so far?

- What have I done right? What have I done wrong?

- What can I improve on? 

While most Americans wait for Popeyes to re-stock back their chicken sandwiches you can invest in the company. Who has seen all the hype around the chicken sandwiches and debate with Chick-Fil-A? Did you know Popeyes is a brand owned by Restaurant Brands International? This company also owns Burger King.

You can buy shares in Restaurant Brands International on the stock market from some of the suggested broker companies I've mentioned in the past. i.e. (Robinhood, Vanguard, Fidelity, Charles Schwab, Etrade etc). Shares for Popeyes trade under the stock ticker symbol QSR. The stock is up 50% this year and up 7% over the last month when people started going crazy over this chicken sandwich. 

Here's another outlook on this crazy chicken rush. The real winner in the Popeyes vs Chick-fil-A debate is Tyson Foods! Tyson Foods is the supplier who benefits from the sale of chicken. Tyson Food trades under the stock ticker symbol TSN and the stock was up 14% in August. 

Being an investor is learning to switch up your mindset, especially when there are trends in culture.  Behind any of these trends, often there is a thriving business making bank that you can be part of!

You can capitalize on this opportunity by investing for the future or you can just relax and just eat the chicken sandwich. Remember there's nothing more expensive than a missed opportunity. 

As you focus on reflecting, remember you have 4 months to turn your year around or finish strong!

Remember to complete your September budget so you can account for every dollar and tell your money where to go versus your money telling you what to do! 

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Opportunity Capitalization
Opportunity Capitalization

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Author: Sherwin Riley

your money matters

Welcome to the official month of summer!! The weather may put you in a good mood to spend, in fact, OVERSPEND and leave you wondering where did it all go wrong! Keep the credit cards hidden. You deserve peace of mind, not more purchases. Are you willing to take these 4 key steps: 1. Earn as much as you can 2. Spend as little as possible 3. Save consistently 4. Use your earned money to make more money It takes hard work and self-control but you can do it. Happiness can be found when you can build, not when you are paying bills. Did you hear about, Morehouse college graduates had all their college debt pain in full? Yes, you heard me correctly PAID IN FULL. An american billionaire, tech investor and philanthropist, Robert Smith, announced his family will be eliminating the student loans of the entire graduating class of 2019. Sure, wish I had someone to pay off my student loans. This is estimated to be $40 million dollars in eliminating the student loans. The graduating class can invest more of their monthly income toward creating generational wealth. It makes a great difference when you can invest early and invest more. Let's look at this on a larger scale. The average student loan debt is $37,172. The average student loan payment is $393 a month. (Source: Wallstreet Journal) If the Morehouse students applied the same amount of money, let's say $400 towards an investment in the Standard & Poor 500 (S&P 500) index fund, after 25 years they would net $1,000,000 dollars, dependent upon interest rates and the economy and such. Imagine, a 22-year-old Morehouse college student becoming a millionaire at the age of 47 if they applied this principle. (This is not accounting for any other investing or savings; this is solely acting as if they were paying on their student loans but investing it). Robert Smith is estimated to be worth $5 billion dollars. This huge statement in paying it forward can be a life changer for many individuals and not only the graduates of Morehouse but this could change their children lives. Let's dig deeper. In the game of true wealth, a credit score is pointless. Wealthy people don't care about credit scores nor do their financial institutions. You gain leverage based on your assets, therefore if we focus on building our net worth instead of getting more debt (which is all a credit score does really) we'd be on track to true wealth. You know why people push having a "good" credit score? So that they can give you more debt. Ahh Ha moment go ahead and mull that over. You know why they want to give you more debt? Because that's the only way America will survive. You know why they've convinced America that taking out a mortgage is the best thing since slice bread? Because banks make money off mortgages and other products and services, they sell you. You know who control banks -- America, the Federal Reserve. Do you know why the president wants to print more money and keep interest rates low? So that Americans can keep spending AND so that the stock market remains high. Why? Because its how wealthy people stay wealthy! Final thought, there's not one investment that requires a credit score. You only need a credit score to prove you can pay back debt. I know I am preaching to the choir go ahead and say AMEN! Your credit score is a number that tells the bank how well they can make money off you. Do you think billionaire Robert Smith is concerned about his credit score? Nope - he's more concerned about his net worth!

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