From tragedy to triumph

my experience of a miscarriage

As I lay here in excruciating pain My energy I have yet to regain. You left me here to miscarry. I thought you were the man I was supposed to marry. You said to forgive you, boy bye! I will, but in my due time. They said unforgiveness weakens the heart, That’s why I will because it’s a start. I hope your daughters don’t have to go through this hurt and pain Funny how life has a way of changing lanes. Fathers are supposed to uplift their daughters To teach them that not all men are PAUPERS. Love and forgiveness conquers all. I am appalled that you don’t recall. You have a mother and have sisters too. You’re so heartless, KARMA will call you! My poor baby, where did she go? Up in heaven she’s an ANGEL yo! My first baby, that’s who you’d be. God said he has some plans for me. Oh, don’t worry for all the times I’ve wept, My dear Jesus said, my child you’re kept. My friends cried and they stayed awake Because only my life I wanted to take. Oh no, I wasn’t going to cut my wrist, Just wanted to take pills to be in amidst of the clouds and heaven above, Just to watch my baby and be proud. The devil, OH, you didn’t win, thank GOD, you intervened. This encounter has awakened me, there is a GOD because he sees. My mama, sisters and my friends they kept me lifted up in the prayer threads Life got me twisted, sad and blue, all these crazy thoughts within my head He also knows what is best that is why he have put me to the test. That ole boy, was not meant to be, That’s why GOD took the pregnancy.