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Welcome to Inspire for PurposeWelcome to Inspire for PurposeWelcome to Inspire for Purpose


Welcome to Inspire for Purpose

Welcome to Inspire for PurposeWelcome to Inspire for PurposeWelcome to Inspire for Purpose






Inspire for Purpose was founded in 2013, by a philanthropic Navy veteran and community advocate Ceandra Baker. We are a Benefits organization of Inspirational Change Agents who are committed in aligning your thoughts, goals, beliefs and actions to define and achieve your purpose. We pride ourselves on being a coaching profession, that is strategic in action-oriented outcomes. Our focus is on the inner self and we utilize the “AIM” model to empower you to achieve your goals. We support you in letting go of self-defeating thoughts which will help you to eliminate behaviors that undermine YOUR success.  Our individualized approach is a GUARANTEED approach that will move YOU forward and closer to achieving your dreams. 



Let’s change YOUR perceptions of life together one day at a time and get YOU on YOUR way to living a renewed and transformed life. We are a group of professionally trained and dedicated Action Change Agents, with over 25 years of experience. We have the tools and valuable resources that will help YOU enjoy and live the life YOU were created for. We can help YOU change YOUR perceptions of life, so that it is filled with vitality and enthusiasm. We commit to the whole person and not just the signs and symptoms of surface areas in YOUR life. It will take consistency and being intentional in all YOU do to make it a success. We can only commit to YOU when you commit to the betterment of yourself and those around YOU. Our no nonsense accountability and support will aid YOU in achieving a lifetime of optimism, joy and positive vitality.



 IFP uses what is called the “Actionist” method of life coaching. This method of coaching is action oriented and streamlined to empower YOU, to live YOUR best on purpose every day. We use accountability, responsibility and empowerment techniques that inspire and permit YOU to get from where YOU are and get YOU, to where YOU need to be. We equip YOU to clarify that within, empower YOU to apply that which you’ve learned and execute YOUR vision, so YOU can operate in the fullness thereof. 

Vblogs & Testimonials

National Christian Writers Conference 2019 Testimonial. Quick testimonial from a patron at the event and how she was blessed by INspire for Purpose interactive exercise with mindfulness meditation using the AIM method.

The Power of One Pt.1

See how this mom is using the little things in life to make a difference in the lives of many. The Power of One is a series that Inspire for Purpose will continue to live out to show others that in the small things we can make a big difference, We can be the change we desire to see!

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